Our Trip

Hello All !! This is my first post on my blog. Little nervous,  little excited. But a girl has to start somewhere right J

After a lot of debating and arguing, I have decided my first post to be for my friends and for the fun times we have had together.  Yes… they have been one of the most supportive force for me, by my side all the times, happy or sad. So so grateful for them .

I am going to share about the most recent trip of ours. It was to Mussouri, Haridwar and Hrishikesh. Most awesome trip ever.

Our first stop was Delhi where we had to meet some of our friends. Since we all work full time, and could not get as many leaves as we wanted to, we had to content out heart with spending just half a day in delhi. But it was not bad…we met all of our friends, had awesome cold coffee (The Best) and even had time to sit and chat about all the nonsense 😉 . It was Fun !!

Next Stop, Haridwar ! Our poor friend had to drive all of us from Delhi to Haridwar (Thank you so much Subodh !) cause guess what? None of us knew how to drive except Subodh. Ahhh… we are planning to learn it btw 😉 .

We stayed at his home and all of his family members are so sweet. They made sure we were comfortable… and the food IMG_20160313_140459


Next day we headed to…drumroll please…. Hrishikesh !! Yes… we went for River Rafting… my first ever adventure sport. Boys were wayyy excited… as for me and another of my girl friend, I am preety sure , we would have given it a toss had the guys not been with us. But I MUST say, it went amazing. We even jumped from a HUGE Stone into the water. I believe  the height was about 20 ft.  Wow !!


All drenched and shivering .. but worth it 🙂 .

Next Day… Mussouri baby . It was Cooooold . OMG ! I was shivering all along. But the beauty was amazing. All green and fresh. I could not bargain for more. Although we could not stay there as long cause we had to return the same day back to Mumbai, we were happy was got to see something which we would cherish for the rest of our lives.

We did reach on time for our train back and It was a fun trip back to Mumbai too.  We watched a movie and slept all the way back.

It was all lovely… wishing our next trip would be the same… whenever it happens 🙂



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