It was a rainy day. Cloudy skies, gloomy weather, distant noise of traffic and the occasional lightning. The scene which no one would call very appealing, no one,  specially the one person who was sitting at her home trying to handle the whirlwind of emotions going through her mind. The one person, Rheya !

Rheya was the bubbly chirpy girl who was always loved by everyone. A Perfect family and more than perfect friends.  She was the one everyone was very proud of. Everyone was very proud of how beautiful she had turned out to be. What a beautiful human being she was. And how intelligent was she to land a lucrative job in a large MNC, where thousands wanted to work, but were not lucky enough.

What more could she ask for. But she was not the same girl when alone. There was something which screamed out from within her to let go. Something unknown, something she was not aware of, something she never wanted to be aware of.

This day was making her face the inner demons. Explore what her mind was trying to say to her, go into the depths of her thoughts which were never allowed to surface before. Go into the dark, go on the unknown path, go where only her sub-conscious had wondered before. And then, there it was… she could see it. Clearly.

She realized, she was not what others thought she was. Yes she was sweet, yes she loved to be around people, yes she loved all the people in her life dearly. But, she was not one of them,  she could not be one of them. She has lived all her life trying to make her parents proud. Her society thought, a person who comes first in all the races, wins the race of life too, and so she believed them. What could be more prestigious than working for an MNC, so she agreed. She has lived all her life for other people. Yes,  all of them are very very important to her. But this day , there was something that was making her realise that there is someone else that needs to be looked after, that needs to be taken care of, that needs to be heard and needs to be loved. And that someone else was herself.

She always new she was different, she knew it.But  all she did so far was was trying to fit into someone else’s definition of how a life should be.

Something struck her today, and all of a sudden she was not the same person anymore. She has changed and changed for better, much better.

The next day has arrived. The weather  is much better now. Clear Sky, beautiful wind and the light rays of sun entering the room though the sheer white curtains Rheya’s home had. Everyone one is happy the weather is so beautiful and they could now plan and go out and relax.  But little did they know, the person they all loved, is not in this home anymore. She is out there somewhere… somewhere far far away. Away from all the expectations, from all the bondage, from all the society norms….but very, very close to herself.




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  1. Nice one. We always tend to fit ourselves into things which society will accept, which others would love and respect us for rather than following our own. This piece is a great eyeopener to look within oneself and find out what one wants to be from deep within…


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