Biography of a Book



What a beautiful day it is ! A new place, lots of people to see and oh the bright sunny weather. The things cannot get any better.

He came from a small place. Crammed together were too many other books like him in a small congested place. Boxed up with all of the other books. Of course, he did not feel any bad about it. He was pretty positive about the situations to come.

The days were going by seeing the books like him. Talking with them and just hanging in there with seeing more books pouring around them. And then, there came the day! They were all packed up and shipped to their new destination.

He was at a whole new place today. It was not crammed like his previous home. It was huge and airy. He even had his own compartment to stay in. He could see the weather outside. He could hear people talk, see their smiles. It was like he was in a whole new world where there was no chaos. It was a bliss!

Day one was exciting, day 2 less so. The days were passing quickly. He was happy with the way things were going though. Day started on an exciting note and ended on relaxing one.

It  was just another day, but he felt was something different today. He felt something is about to change. He did not know if it was for better or for worse. Bur for whatever was to come, he was ready. He was not scared. If anything, he had butterflies in his pages

He saw a tall man walk towards him. The man held him up, flipped through the pages and a smile came upon his lips. Our little book felt happy, a little ticklish, but happy. He could not describe, but the feeling of someone smiling because of him was something he never experienced before.

After journey of an hour, which pretty much felt like eternity to our little book, they were at this new man’s home. The man, he decided to call his master. Master looked like a pretty busy person.  He came only at night, he must be doing a lot of work thought the book. But every day, Master made time for his little buddy. They hung out together till Master was sleepy and then both would sleep a beautiful night full of dreams of tomorrow to come .

The days were going the same way. He noticed master was moving towards the end pages lately. But he cared less. Master could start right over again. It was a beautiful routine. No hustle, no worries. Until one day.

As usual, our little book was waiting for his Master to arrive home so they could hang out just like every evening. But today, Master was in no mood to hang out. He came and he slept. Book was a little disappointed, but thought he deserves to rest. He works so hard after all. Maybe tomorrow .

The same thing happened the next day. And the day after that, and after that and so on.

The tomorrow he was waiting for never came. The book hoped that someday, he would come to him. But his Master seems to have forgotten him. He did come one day to him. Little book thought, maybe it meant something good. Alas ! It was not. He picked the book up and stashed it away into a cabinet. The cabinet which he was pretty sure was rarely opened. And he was right. His master would occasionally come. The little hope in his mind would start giving him ideas that maybe, maybe this time he was here cause he was missing him and is here to pick him up. But that never happened. He would come and keep one of his other books inside and leave without a second glance.

Our little book was disappointed. But being the positive spirit that he was, he never really gave up the hope.

He was growing old now.

Then came a fine day. The cabinet was opened, and his master started picking up all of the books and storing them into the boxes. No doubt, our little book was one of them too.  A little glance from his master would have been enough for him. But guess it was too much to ask for.

All of them were packed and their journey to new location began. The Journey was not like the last time though. Our book was much mature now. He has seen life and is much wiser.He was ready for anything that his life has to offer.

The journey came to an end and the boxes were opened.Our  book could see the sunshine again. It was new. The people surrounding them , their laughs, their talks. Book stated liking this new place. There was no one like his master here. Everyone seemed old. Mostly grandparents.  But they were much nicer.

Everyone took turns hanging around with the book. There was never a dull moment. Over time, he realized this place was what human beings called Old Age home. He could relate with the people there. He initially did feel bad. But he felt at home here. Specially around his super special buddy, who everyone called Grandpa Fun.






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