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Hello Everyone !

Thank you very much for letting me know your thoughts on my previous post about my Recent Favorites. Your words really do mean a lot to me.:)

Today I am back with a similar post. I would quickly like to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I have bought all the items myself and am not being paid for writing about the same.

So moving on… know, I am a Krazyyyyy shopoholic. Yes, crazy deserves to be with a capital K ;-). Every time I go out shopping, I buy loads of clothes and shoes which I had never planned in the first place. Then I feel like, ‘Okay, now I have everything I need. And I am not shopping for anything anytime soon.’ And I am passing my time in the evening the same day.. looking through the shopping sites ( Yes.. that is my favorite pass time) and there it is , I start buying again. Yes. I know , its too much. But then I say. Life is short, Buy Dresses !!  Ha ! 😀

So yes ! I am back shopping new items , today from another shopping site, Myntra.  I do not shop much here. But I do like the items I had ordered this time and I am sharing the same with you all today.



Mast and Harbour Silver Toned Dial Watch

This watch by Mast and Harbour is oh so stunning. It looks so beautiful and so rich even in person. I ordered this a while back. It came in a very sturdy packaging making sure that the item is not damaged at all. Unfortunately I had to return it since the dial looked a little too big on my wrist. So yes.. if you too have small wrists like mine, I would say this watch wont be perfect for you. The dial size is bigger than most of the watches so I would recommend this only if you love bigger dials and have wrist for them. I would definitely buy this if it comes in a smaller dial size. And yes, one good news. If you like this watch, it is the perfect time to order, this watch is on discount right now. 🙂


Alcott Casual Shoes

These shoes are from a Brand called ALCOTT. I ordered these a while back and they came in on time. The material is very comfortable and they fit true to size. I was always vary of buying foot wares online because of the size issue. I ordered 4 in these and I have to agree, they fit perfect. Although I ordered Navy Blue colour, these also come in other colours. I would definitely recommend them if you want to buy one.


Jockey Blue Lounge Capris

These Navy Blue Capris by Jockey are perfect for Gym, Jogging or just for lounging around the house. I am yet to order these so cannot really advice on size, but they look pretty good on the model. I am on fence about them. I may order them when all of my items arrive so I can decide clearly. Currently I am awaiting arrival of so many of my items, if I order any more, its going to be complete confusion for me. 🙂


Rattrap Polyester Black Capris

This Black Capri by a brand called Rattrap look so stunning on the model. I am sure they will look great in person too. The only doubt I have is on the polyester material that they are made of. The material is a bit shiny, and polyester is not very absorbent, so not a good idea for Gym. These look really great shape and structure wise, but not sure if I would buy these.

So yes ! Those are all the items for today’s post. Hope you liked them. Please leave me your thoughts about this article and if you would like to read about anything specific. I will get back to you about the same.

Thank you so much for reading the post and hope you have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

— Abhilasha










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