A Journey

“It has been a while since I went out. The work is too much for a single person to handle. The back to back deadlines just do not allow you to take a break. Ahhh !!! ”

The sheer exhaustion was not allowing Rishi to keep his eyes open on his way back to home from office. The things which were to be completed the next day kept running in his mind. After all, this job is his dream. Only some time till his work gets completed and he can then enjoy all he wants. This was just another day in his life.

Day and night, round the clock, Rishi had his mind set on his goal and he was sprinting his way to the target. He was close now, and it would not take long for him to reach his goal. He had set this plan while he was still in college. He had tried to reach businessmen to sponsor his idea during college itself, but none were ready to give him a chance on account of his experience. Being the stubborn boy that he was, he decided to fund his idea himself and start the work.

Today, all his hard work was paying off. He had rebelled with his family for this dream of his and he could feel, it was worth it!

He was always his Papa’s boy.Everyone said, he had his father’s eyes. He loved the way he looked at things, and as a kid, he wished he would become like him one day. And today, he can say that he has become much like his father. He was determined and driven, and was seeing his dream coming to life.

A lot of things could still go wrong, but this dream was his baby… and he was not ready to let it slip off at any cost.

“Ahhh !! I wish I could sleep in for a while longer. ” Thought Rishi as he got up from his bed. He was getting ready for another of his client meeting when his phone beeped. He went to check when he noticed he had 34 missed calls and 52 text messages. All from his family members. He panicked and dialed his home right away. His hands shaking all the while. He was restless.

After 4 rings which felt like an eternity to Rishi, he heard a voice from other side. Shaky, as if the person on the other side had been crying for a long time. He was scared now. Something terrible had happened and he was not sure what. He kept asking, ” What is wrong? Why wont you speak Ma ?”

He was home. After the call, he rushed to his home to witness a horrible sight. Sight he never imagined he would ever see in his life.

There laying was his dad.. sick and bed ridden. A man who was once as strong as a rock, was now not able to move his finger. His eyes scanned the entire room time to time and felt happy to see everyone here for him. He was a man who had lived a full life… no regrets, no complains. He was ready to leave, and was not scared of anything. A smile on his face was a good indication of that. Only worry he had was of his school that he had started for the homeless children of his village. His only son was behind his dream and he was not able to convince him last time he was here. And today, he was not in a position to convince him.

Its been a month since that day. This month had turned Rishi’s world around. HE was no longer the same person as he was before. He was not following his dream anymore. Or rather, the dream he had seen was not his dream anymore. He is more humble, more wise and more patient. The only thing that is same in him was his drive, his drive to strive hard and get what he wants.

He today takes care of the school which was his father’s legacy. Everyone in school called him Rishi bhaiyya. He was splitting image of his dad, everyone could see it. After all, he had his father’s eyes. 🙂


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