New Buys and Reviews

Hi All !

Today I am going to review few products that I have purchased a few days back. Both of them are Track-pants and yes, both are Black. Looks like my love for Black is not going anywhere anytime soon . 🙂

First ones are the Trackpants by Proline mentioned in one of my previous articles liked here.


These Track-pants were a steal at 675 Rs. They look figure hugging yet comfortable over the model. They are not so fitted in real life. They do fit true to size and are very comfortable. But the fit is baggy around the hips and the legs get tapered as they go down towards the feet and are like pencil fit at the bottom.I am 5.4 feet and the fit does not look very good on me. Perhaps these will look good on someone above 5.5 or so. Since they were so cheap, I kept them anyway. I pull them a little up so they are about 4 inches from my ankles and  when worn this way, they look very good.

Second one are track-pants by a brand called 2Go, available both on myntra and Jabong.


2Go Black Running Track Pants

I ordered these a few days back and they arrived yesterday. I tried them on and they felt so comfortable. Again, they are not as tight as they look on the model.But I like the shape of them. The only problem I see with these is the extra fabric that bunches up just above the fitting band which is provided towards the ankles. Maybe its because of my height. If your height is little more, the fabric wont bunch as much and you will be able to enjoy the pants without it looking weird. I am wearing these currently by folding the band towards inside of the pants, so they are like an inch above my ankles. That way, they look good.

Another product that I want to show you is a pair of slip-ons/Loafers. And these are men’s. One of my friend was going to a wedding and he needed a pair of loafers that would go with his casual blue Blazer. He ordered them a few days back and they arrived on time. As soon as he tried them on, he absolutely loved them. They are from a brand called Kook and Keech. I guess this is Myntra’s own brand. They looked amazing and are very easy to put on. They would go with all of your formals as well as your casuals.Pair them for a wedding with a pair of pants, Shirt and a Blazer or dress them down for your beach wear with pair of white shorts, Light Blue shirt and sporty watch.


Kook and Keech Men Navy Slip-ons

Also, these will make a perfect gift 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and wish you a very happy week ahead.

— Abhilasha




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