Tvaksh Face Wash Review

Hello All !

I have extremely dry skin and my skin is pretty tanned. With Winters approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to get my skin professionally checked. It turned out to be a good decision. My doctor mentioned that all the products that I was using earlier did not suit me at all. She prescribed me few skin care products that I am going to buy one by one so that I can see the difference in my skin and actually see how they work on me. Today I am going to review Tvaksh’s Face Wash.


The Face wash is under 200 and hence pretty affordable. I have been using it since last 3 weeks and here is how it has turned out for me.

Good Points :

  1. Does not dry out skin.
  2. Does not Clog pores
  3. Pretty Affordable
  4. Easily available in Medical Stores

Not so good points:

1.Does not smell that good

Its mentioned on the packaging that it is ideal for acne prone skin. I did not find it too effective in that area. My skin is not that acne prone, but I do get them once in a while and it worked okay I would say. It worked fine once, but nothing the second time.

Also, many girls did say that it helped them improve their complexion. By this, I am assuming they meant that it cleared out the tanning caused by sun. But I am not seeing much difference so far in my skin. I am going to continue using this for a while and see how all this works out.

Hope this article helped you.

Thank you so much for reading and wish you have a very happy Wednesday!! 🙂

NOTE : Not a sponsored post.

— Abhilasha




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