Make your Office Outfits Less Boring

Hello All !!

Happy Tuesday !! Now that the dreaded Monday after a long weekend is over, it feels alright to go back to our routine office days. Although weekdays are not quite happy and chirpy as Fridays and Saturdays are, they definitely give us a challenge of dressing up in our office attires and still not look boring. Most of us wear White, Black, Blue and Grey to office and get caught in the fashion rut, because come’on, not many brands make colorful office clothing. But we can definitely add some color and pattern to our boring office attires, let it be a colorful scarf or a bright pair of sandals (I will be doing a separate post for Sandals). Today I am sharing few ideas to make your outfits more cheerful.

ICW Women’s Scarf (Grey, Small) | Romano Beautiful Silk Like Square Women’s Hair Scarf 40 x 40 | ICW Women’s Scarf (Multi-Coloured, Small) | Scarves Linen Summer Women’s Wrap Shawl Stole Girls Ladies Kashmir Scarf KASHFAB | Supreme Stylish Designer Elegant Formal Winter Wear Low price Knitted Partywear Online Woolen Women’s Stole shawls scarves (Blue, L x W: 90 inches x 27 inches) | ICW Women’s Scarf (Multi-Coloured, Small)

Most of the above scarfs are pretty affordable. Except 1 or 2 , all of them fall for 100 INR, which is pretty sweet deal. I have listed all of these from Amazon since I found the scarves pretty affordable over there. If I find more anywhere else, I will post those here.

Wish this post helped you. Feel free to leave a comment.

— Abhilasha



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