Dresses to Fall For :)

Hello All,

We all on numerous occasions have heard how versatile and a must have a LBD is. I agree, and I cant rave enough about it. But over the time I have started to like Little White Dresses more and more. They give you a casual Beach Vibe and can work in professional environment too. They manage to look classy all the time. Yes I agree they are a little difficult to manage, but the way they make you look and feel, its totally worth it.

I was browsing through the dresses collection the other day and instantly fell in love with below dresses.Now I know the third dress is not White, but it would be so cool to wear it to a Sunday Brunch or for a day out with your girl friends.

Avirate Women’s Shift Dress | Jealous Club 21 Women’s Blended A-Line Dress | Bombay High Women’s Cotton A-Line Dress

The First dress can be paired with Light Yellow Sandals and Light Yellow Bag for Office, just so that it is not too overwhelming.

Believe me when I say this, second dress is my ‘Dream Dress’. It perfect for Beach, or a Sunday Brunch or a Day out with your friends or even for a date night. Pair it with Red Sandals and Red Lips, and girl… you are good to go. 🙂 I would actually wear it to office on a casual Friday, perhaps with a Mustard  Yellow or Teal Cardigan.

And the last one, chambray Dress… perfect for just a casual day out. Pair them with Flats and bag and you are sorted.

There are so many amazing dresses out there and I will be taking a glance at those one more time before posting another post on dresses.

Hope you liked this post. Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

— Abhilasha


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