Basic Go To Pieces for your wardrobe

Hello All,

Happy Saturday to you !:) I was just thinking the other day, how amazing would it be to have a perfect wardrobe. Everything would go with everything and every piece in your wardrobe would be your go to piece. You wont have to think at all before getting ready. Perfect, isn’t it ?  🙂

I have lately been looking for such pieces. imagine the pieces that would fit all your requirements, pieces that you would want to live in, it maybe Gym wear or casual wear, or formals. They would be functional and yet look and feel amazing.

I did find few pieces that I had on my ‘To Buy’ list since last few days and I am going to share those with you all today. Hope you will like these.

Van Heusen Blue Solid Shirt | Mango White Formal Shirt| Lee Cooper Track Pants | Cream Sandals | Black Moccasins

The Cream sandals are fast going out of size, I love the color and heel height it has. As an alternative to these, I purchased similar sandals by the same brand listed in this The Must have nude Heels post.

Hope this post was helpful. Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

— Abhilasha


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