Valentine Day Ideas :)

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A very Happy Sunday to you all 🙂


You know what the best thing about last few days is? I am pretty sure the heading gives it away, but yes… its The Valentines Week. Last week has been extra special because of all  the special attention we all are getting. Gifts, Roses, Romantic Dinners and what not… we just cant get enough of all the love that is being showered upon us. We have been spoiled crazy and now I am kind of feeling guilty for doing so little in return. So yes, if boys are doing so much, we are not going to be left behind either.

I am pretty sure, as a result all the lovely things that have been showered upon us, all of our brains have sprung into action to create something beautiful for the bae and we also have googled “Best surprise Valentine Ideas” at least 10 times since the days have started 😉 . But its Valentine Day and we need something super awesome for our partner, something that would sweep him off his feet. yes gals, we can totally do that ;-). So here we go …a few ideas that may help you make your valentine day more sweet and more romantic…(These are written keeping both boys and girls in mind 🙂 )

  1.  Decorate your room and prepare Breakfast in Bed: Decorate your room with Red and White Balloons. On one main wall, create big heart with balloons and stick a heart shaped Red balloon in the middle with your couple photograph on it. In the empty space that’s left in the room, suspend Helium balloons from the ceiling with your photographs at the end of the string. And prepare his favorite breakfast with steaming cup of coffee and serve it to him in Bed. He will surely love your surprise. Don’t forget to wear his favorite Dress while serving. 🙂
  2.  Create a Video : You can decorate your room (you can use the same idea mentioned above to decorate) , set the lights dim and create a video which will tell him/her 10 Reasons why you love your bae. You can perform a little tweak and instead of speaking, hold the banners of reasons why you love your partner. And perhaps hold a Red Rose with each banner.
  3. Surprise him/her (Can be done in continuation with point 2): Once you have sent the video, make an arrangement that just when he/she finishes watching the video, the door bell rings and delivers the exact number of roses that you had in your hand in the Video.(Make sure to co ordinate with a friend of your partner to make sure delivery is on time).
  4. 12 Gifts for 12 hours of Valentine Day: Make sure he/she keeps getting a small gift from you every hour of the day. Maybe a small box of chocolates, a soft toy(for girl) or a small bike or car model depending upon what he likes(for guy) , Framed picture of you both, maybe  a little umbrella with message on inside (you must have got drenched at least sometime in rain, this gift would remind your bae of that)… you can think of small things like this. At the end of the day, send 12 roses with a small messages attached to each one of them just to book end your Valentine Day. For boys, you can actually send (or give) a pretty ring at the end of the day to her, she will love it.
  5. Name a star for him/her : Your can give this precious gift to your bae and believe me, no one ever expects such gift, something so out of the box :). It is easily available over the internet and is pretty affordable.
  6. Pay a Surprise Visit: If you are in a long distance relationship, nothing would cheer your partner up more than your visit. If you are a boy, get pretty flowers for her  or if you are a girl, dress up for him in his favorite dress and get him something techie or maybe a book, depends upon what he likes. It will make both of your day.

Hope these ideas helped you. If I come up with any more ideas, I will post them here for you. I will also try and post some valentine gift ideas in my next post. Till then, keep smiling and keep loving. 🙂

P.S : Picture is from Google.




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