That Pretty Floral Dress :)

Hello All,

A Very Happy Thursday to you :). Yes the work week is about to end… Yay to that !! 😀

Don’t you feel burnt out doing the same work over and over again for 9 hours for 5 days of the week ? Yes of coarse we do. The work and travel could get so overwhelming sometimes that we just feel all exhausted to even think about anything else.

Well… that’s when our retail therapy comes in handy :). A little glimpse of that pretty top that you thought was too expensive, is now on sale… that would just make all your exertion go away. Or the pretty dress which was always out of stock suddenly becomes  available in your size. Amazing, isn’t it?

I just had this moment when I saw this lovely dress.It is so pretty !!  It would be so perfect to wear over for Sunday Brunch.


Chemistry Women’s Body Con Dress

I would pair this with Light Yellow Wedges, a sling bag and Sunglasses. I may also add a hat to this outfit, depending upon if its too sunny out there. 🙂 And of coarse, throw in a little delicate necklace and bracelet into the mix. It would be so picture perfect.

Hope you liked this post. Feel free to leave a comment.

— Abhilasha


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