Sandhan Valley Trek

Hello Everyone !

Happy Thursday to you all. 🙂

Today’s is a long due post of our Trek to Sandhan Valley.

We had arranged this trek about 2 months back and were very specific that all the participants were from Mumbai since we went and picked up everyone from there location. The trek had moderate difficulty level, so we took only 6 members, safety always comes first 🙂

Sandhan Valley is situated at about 180 Kms from Mumbai is one of the best trekking places we have ever seen. The Valley we are talking about is 200 ft. deep and about 2 kms wide. It took us an entire day to get down to the base of the valley and then 6 hours of next day to get back up. It was not easy, but that is what made this trek memorable. 🙂

We started from Mumbai at around 5  in the morning and it took us ~5 hours to reach there. We were super late , thanks to the traffic in Mumbai ( Yes, even at 7 in the morning, we were stuck). We were supposed to start by 6 am in order to reach at the base by 7 pm. Our guide almost said no to take us ahead cause it would have been dangerous if we would have not completed it on time, but then he was this super amazing person who agreed eventually, cause we had gone there after travelling for so long. Thank you Avinash. Here is his number – 8693878965, if you would like to book him for your next trip there. We would totally recommend him.

After getting there and having food, we started descending the valley at about 1 pm. We were 6 and our guide was careful enough to check harness on everyone of us. With the help of harness, we slowly started descending… it was not easy. There were little rocks those were falling upon us as we started going down.We had to be careful.

Since the difficulty level of this trek was more than that of our previous treks, we all were struggling. But we had each other’s back :).

After what felt like an eternity, we reached to the bottom of the valley. And my friends, that was not the end. Our adventure continued as we walked through the water to get to the other side where we had to set up our camp. We were neck deep in water and had to make sure none of our bags get wet. So with one hand we held our bags, other our shoes , and both our hands stretched way above our heads, we started to cross the water. What felt like too much effort at first, turned out to be an amazing adventure. After the exhausting climb down the valley, we were enjoying the cool soothing water.. right up to our necks.

Eventually we reached the spot we had to set up our camp on. We all set our camp, our guide made some simple yet delicious dinner.. and we lit the bonfire. It felt so amazing to be under the open sky, warming ourselves with the heat of bonfire. We talked and talked and sang and danced and had most amazing night ever. Away from all the chaos of the city and the technology we thought we could not live without, it was long forgotten.

1.Second day of the trek-morning  2.Bonfire

Even with no beds, we slept like we had never slept before.

The next morning our entire body was paining. But the pain was nothing compared to the adventure we were having.

We started our journey back to the top at around 8 the next day after having Poha made by our guide. It was tougher as we had to climb up now. Plus the scratches we had yesterday were now showing their effect. We reached up around 2 pm.

It was incredible to have completed such a trek, with all of us safe and sound. The feeling was amazing. We all would for sure go back there again.

We were all very gross after the trek, so we decided to bathe in the river that was flowing by. The cool water felt so good and refreshed us instantly.

The Soothing River 

This trek is by far the best trek we all had ever had. We had amazing company, thanks to all guys who participated and made this experience so memorable.

— Abhilasha




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