Summer Office Wear

Hello All,

Happy Happy Saturday to you !

Winters are officially over and Summer is here. And for Mumbai, feels like winters never were really here. I feel lucky to be staying near the national park since the greenery here helps keep the temperature in check.  But currently it is so hot outside that we have dropped he plan of going out until the sun is down.

Since we did get to feel winters a little (Thanks to National Park 🙂 ) , I stacked upon lot of winter wear in last 3-4 months, and am right now finding it really difficult to dress up for office in those thick woolen tops.

So here I am looking for some light weight Summer Office Wear.

Vero Moda Women’s Casual ShirtVero Moda Women's Casual Shirt | Van Heusen Women’s Body Blouse Shirt Van Heusen Women's Body Blouse Shirt

I absolutely fell in love with the off white color and the cut of this top by Vero moda. The Fabric here is Viscose which is amazing for summers IMO. Its perfect for office tucked in into the Black Trousers and Beige Peep Toes and a structured Handbag. Or if you want to add a pop of color to your office wear, pair them with colored bellies instead of nude ones and you are good to go. 🙂  You can also dress them down and wear them with dark wash denims and Flats. Perfect for these oh so sunny days. And my friends, these are full sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about Tanning or wearing sunscreen. Bliss !!

The second Shirt is by Van Heusen. Now, this one is actually a Formal Shirt and can be worn with Black or White Trousers and Nude Heels. Since the Height of the Shirt does not seem too long, I am instead going to wear it casually un-tucked. The material is polyester, so I am not sure if it will be really helpful in Summers, but the sleeves are full and the fabric does not seem too thick, which is my favorite kind. 🙂

I have just ordered them, and am waiting for their arrival. Once they are in, I will post review too.

Hope this post helped you. Feel free to leave a comment, and of coarse, keep shopping ! 🙂

— Abhilasha


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