Pretty Tops and a Bag

Hello All,

A very Happy Sunday to you ! 🙂

Between the blazing heat of summers trying to bake us up and the super cool temperatures of office trying to freeze us, dressing has become an extra challenge for us. Applying sun screen every 4 hours to save ourselves from the harmful UV rays of sun has now becomes a task. It’s a constant struggle between trying to wear lightweight clothes for staying cool and trying to wear warmer clothes for freezing temperatures of office.

But there are few options that we can actually try to combat these poles opposite situations. Here we go..

Mast & Harbour Beige Solid Sweater | Tom Tailor Milange Solid T Shirt | Tom Tailor Green Solid T Shirt | JC Collection Black Solid T Shirt | Lapis O Lupo Women’s Backpack HandbagLapis O Lupo Women's Backpack Handbag

First is the sweater, yes I am actually listing a sweater here, and no I am not crazy 🙂 . While you are travelling to and fro from office you can don a light cotton shirt, and then when you are in office, just wear this Mast & Harbour Beige Solid Sweater  over your shirt and we are sorted.

Now second is this Tom Tailor Milange Solid T Shirt. This is so perfect for just roaming around the streets and you don’t have to worry about getting tanned at all. Its all taken care courtesy of the full sleeves on this top. The same top is also present in Green, listed here Tom Tailor Green Solid T Shirt.

Now, since off the shoulder tops are so in trend,  I started searching for some off one should tops that would look effortless, classy, elegant and won’t scream for attention. My search came to an end with this JC Collection Black Solid T Shirt . This top is also present in olive. It will look perfect teamed with White Jeans for your shopping trip or Simple White Shorts for a perfect Beach look.

And the last one is just something I found very cool and yet functional. This  Lapis O Lupo Women’s Backpack Handbag is perfect for any one-day outing that you are planning. The bag has decent size, would hold all the necessary items and has very good reviews on Amazon.Lapis O Lupo Women's Backpack Handbag

I hope you found this post useful. Feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

— Abhilasha


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