There lived a Beast in the far corner of the Jungle. He had a huge Green structure, hands big enough to hold a bullock cart, feet big enough to stop a flowing river, and head equal to a Horse, adorned with half cut horns. His cave hidden by the bushes and no animal in Jungle dared to come near him. His appearance mislead them all, for he was the sweetest creature on earth. He had saved several of the animals from drowning in the river. But when they would get their senses back, they would get scared and run away from the beast. He would then get sad and return to his abode. Not wanting to ever go past the river, scared he will be rejected.  He detested his very reflected in the water, it was green and huge. He longed for love.

Then came a day, he found an Elixir which promised to turn you into a beautiful living thing. He jumped with joy, for his dreams were about to come true. He will be loved just as much as others do. He had to drink it every day for a month, and then he would become everyone’s favorite.

He started to drink a little every morning. And then he would go out doing his normal chores. He was positive about his future, now that he had an Elixir, he had nothing to fear.

Post 15 days, he built up the courage to cross the river he never thought he would. But crossing the river had turned out to be a nightmare. Every creature was scared and running away from him. Mothers consoling their crying babies and hastily closing the doors of their trees. He checked his reflection in the water that was there, and found there was no change in him. He was still Green and as big as before. He felt sad and ready to give up.

In all the hustle bustle, he saw a baby Elephant stuck under a fallen tree. Baby was trying to get away from the beast and in all the hustle, the tree had fallen trapping the baby under him. Beast felt bad and ran to his rescue. He pulled up the tree and checked if the baby was okay. Once assured, he left the baby there and started his journey back to his home. Baby’s mama had seen this and rushed to his baby. He was fine. He ran to the beast and thanked him, again and again, for the baby was the only one she was living for. Beast had saved his life, and his mama’s too. Beast felt good. He understood, its not the Elixir that had caused it, but he had himself.

You don’t need an Elixir to look good, to feel good, to do what you want to do. You have to be courageous and love yourself for the way you are. Yes, change the things that bother you, for no one else will do that for you. And accept the things you cannot change. You are your own Elixir. Believe it, and you will be it.


P.S : Picture from Pinterest .


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