Is Future really worth worrying ?

Future, a small letter word which may hold numerous possibilities: possibilities and opportunities, that would help you grow if you are courageous enough to take them up. They may help you understand the life better. They may help you understand people better. But more importantly, they may help you know yourself better. The fact is, all future has to offer us is ‘it may’, and the question we face is ‘will it’?
Everyone is struggling today for this unknown time. Everyone wants to get the best outcome. It’s like a race to achieve something they don’t even know.
Maybe that’s the best part? Maybe it will be good, maybe it won’t be that good … it gives us something to look forward to, something to hold onto this life for. And maybe that’s what the Best part is!
I remember a scenario unfolded in our classroom during English Session when we were discussing a Chapter Ms. Mary was teaching.
Ms. Mary was standing in front of the class. While she was teaching, she asked a question to us and gave us 5 minutes for preparation. Whosoever gave the most accurate answer was to get a prize from Ms. Mary. Everybody was busy discussing how they should present their answer. Some of us decided to present the answer as a group. Some decided they would answer individually instead. The thought of prize of course made us competitive. Everybody wanted to give their best.
Once the 5 minutes were up, Ms. Mary requested us to come forward and present what they had prepared.
The question was: What is Future?
First student to come up was Rohan. Rohan was lean guy and his height was a little less than that of an average 6th class student. He wore spectacles, which indicated that he is the topper of the class. He started presenting his answer –
“Future is something which is not yet known, something that has not yet happened. It is intriguing, maybe even frightening, and yet exciting. What is present now, will become past in the next moment. And what is future now, will become present in the next moment. It is a difficult thing to explain and yet very easy to live. Future is unknown, it depends upon our present. Yet people worry about future instead of working on present. We worry about our exams. We feel stressed and drained. But instead of worrying, why don’t we just work on our preparation. Won’t that save our energy? The results are going to come, and worrying about them is not going to change them. What is going to change them is our preparation for them. Our present actions are going to define our future. Our present is going to define our future. Future is the outcome of our present, it is the result of all that’s done and will always be so. So let’s live the present, so as to build out future beautifully.”
Rohan received applause from everyone in the class. He has explained the future very nicely. It was true. Our future may depend upon what we do or what we don’t do today. It will vary upon our actions, every little one. That is what butterfly effect is, isn’t it?
There were a number of students who came in after Rohan and gave some beautiful answers. Some said: “Future is like a secret, no one knows it right now, and everybody wants to know it. They know it may be good, or it may be bad. The chances are even. But they still want to learn. It’s an enigma that everyone is pulled towards eventually. It just happens.”
While some others said,
“Future is a puzzle. You may not have all of its pieces together right now. But you work, and keep working until you find all the pieces you need. The result may vary for everyone, few may like it, few wont. But you have to work till the time you are satisfied with what the puzzle has offered to you.”
All of the thoughts were very nicely presented. They actually told what we call the reality. We may be so engrossed for making up a future that we forget to live our present. We are chasing something which we don’t know where will take us. And Future is something is going to happen, irrespective of what or how you live your life.
We may be holed up in a small area, the area you love so much and would never want to let go of, your comfort zone. Yes. No risks whatsoever. But if you dare to let it go, there may be an entire different life which is waiting for you. It is all in the present.
It’s all, ‘Ifs’ and ‘What Ifs’. It’s a constant struggle of decisions. You don’t know which of your action will result in what. But you live once, and the things we regret the most in our last moments are the things we did not do. So no matter which of your decision take you which way, just believe that it’s going to be an amazing experience.
You just need to brace yourself for this ride called LIFE and stop worrying about the Future, because no matter what we do or where we want to be, it’s going to one hell of a ride.


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