Tiny little feet with even smaller toes were running through the house leaving stains all over the white carpet. Wearing White little Shirt and Yellow Shorts, 4 black hair on his head and big black eyes, Jim was the cutest little toddler on the block.

He was very fond of his Dad. He was his superman and Jim wanted to be just like him when he grows up. He would copy his daddy’s every move. He would brush like him, eat like him, watch news with him, pretend to read newspaper like him. Although the newspaper would never stay straight in his hands, it mostly would be upside down, and Jim would end up just looking at the pictures in the paper. While watching news the other day with his Dad, Jim heard the word ‘Territory’.

He found the word to be funny. with 2 Ts and 2 Rs and a Y at the end, it somewhat sounded like his friend Terry. Being the prankster that he was, he decided, he could call her Territory instead of ‘Terry’ from now on. Well, that’s what friends are for, isn’t it ? 🙂

After fiddling with the word for a while, he decided to ask his Daddy what a Territory was, and what was the man in the news saying about. And why are so many people in the TV making so much noise. They looked angry.

His daddy explained,

“There was once a huge kingdom named ‘Humanland’, it spanned the entire earth. God was the king of this entire land. Everything was pure and everyone lived in peace with each other.

For the sake of fun, God said let’s have a competition. Whoever wins will get a little piece of land. It will be all theirs.

Lot of people turned up. The competition was held in a huge ground. Everyone played, everyone enjoyed the sport and few of them won. Everyone was given a little piece of land as a prize, and all cheered for them.

But the ones who lost said that the God was partial. They protested and demanded God leave his position. Seeing all the unrest, God decided to step down. And then began the lust of power. Everyone tried to snatch the lands from the winners, few won, few lost. The struggle continued even after the original owners were no more, and it still continues. ”

That is what the people in the news were doing. Trying to get something that was not theirs.

Jim understood. And he promised his Dad, he would always take only what was his, and no matter whether is wins or losses, he will be happy.


— Abhilasha


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