It was sports day at School. The sun was blazing hot and running and sprinting students were dripping wet with perspiration. Rohan had participated in all the activities that were going to take place during the day. Race, Long Jump, high Jump and Relay were on the list for today. He was very excited.

First was running race of 100 m. Coach’s whistle lined up all the students who were to participate, in one line. Rohan’s heart started beating furiously with ‘On your mark’. He was sitting with his one leg bent at knee, the other feet firm on ground but on his toes, fingers of both of his hands touching the ground, head towards the track ahead and ears ready to hear the word. Beads of sweat were making their way through his hair, towards his temple. And then he heard the word, “GO”. All of them started at ones. In spite of him being ready, he took a second to act, and then ran towards his target. He could see all of his friends running ahead of him. The only student behind him was the scholar of the class, Raj. Raj was still a little behind, but he was gaining speed fast. He took all his energy, and tried sprinting towards the target, but looked like all of them had the same idea. He tried running on his toes. But he saw all of them at the front were doing so too. Well ! Guess his ideas were not so unique. He saw the pink ribbon being crossed by the sports star of the school, and then all of them crossed it one by one. He just finished the race for the sake of finishing. He was way too behind.

He decided I will score in Long Jump. Well, it did not work out. Nor did High Jump or Relay.

Exhausted, dejected and famished, he came home to give bad news to his mom. He expected her to be upset, but all he heard was caring laughter in her voice. On seeing his puzzled face, his mom explained, “Not everyone is made for everything. Raj is made for Sports. He loved it, it’s his passion. You on the other hand are made for what you love. It may be public speaking in which you won last week. It’s your passion. He is the champion of his field and you are champion of yours.”

It was right. He was comparing himself to someone else who was in no way like him. Both of them were different. Everyone has different interests, everybody likes different things. If someone is excelling at their areas, it means its their time. You will excel too, in your own time, at your own pace.

Guess, we just have to give it some time. And we will be champions too. 🙂



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