Tale of a Lightless Night – Funny Story

Tale of a Lightless Night

It was 2 am on a Saturday night.Half moon was glowing in the sky boasting of how it is making half of the world glow. Cool breeze was flowing by making the atmosphere  little more chilled than usual. The weather was really beautiful. Well, not so much for Ria though. She was sitting with 2 of her friends Rahul and Prashant in her society garden. It was a Friday night and according to their normal plans, they were supposed sit and stream a movie online with steaming cup of coffees and pop corns to give them company. But the whole plan had backfired when the electricity in their building decided to ditch them. What annoyed them more was all the buildings in their society had electricity, except theirs. Sitting in a garden of their society all of them were discussing, well more like laughing on what Ria had spoken a few minutes back about the satellites. Rahul and Prashant could not believe Ria had said that. Nobody would be dumb enough to believe that. Ria had her reasons. She was in denial that she had said anything wrong…. she always believed whatever anyone told her. She never found it necessary to go and search weather what a person has told her is true or not. She just believed.

When Ria was in school, her teachers had told her that the objects that you see flashing and cruising through the sky are actually man-made satellites sent into space, and they orbit the earth everyday.

Ria being Ria had agreed what her teachers told her and still believed the same. With the sky being clear today, just for the sake of conversation, she told her friends that they were actually satellites, and what happened after that is a history. Her explanation remained muffled in the fits of laughter that echoed through the walls of the sparsely populated building and the huge open area of the society. Her attempts at explaining herself went into vain, and then she joined in laughing away her own self, but not before deciding that she had to be extremely sure about what she is going to speak before these guys, cause one of them was very well read, and the other was the king of youtube General knowledge videos. Ahhh !!  She wished herself good luck in dealing with her amazing but equally annoying friends and decided, its better to be safe than sorry the next time. 🙂


P.S. – Image from Google.


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  1. But Ria knows she doesn’t have to be careful about what she is going to speak before these guys.

    Ria is a part of this family now, a family far from her own. And she knows, one day or another, she is gonna tell these guys a story, may be about how she made a fool of herself when she was drunk. And these guys will laugh again, not on her, but with her.


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