Wasn’t the time much better…

When choosing the colour of your pencil was your biggest problem,

When you met and planned for a trip…instead of planning to meet,

When a broken pen made you sad, not a broken heart,

When you slept on a sofa and woke up on bed,

When you looked forward to your day, with endless fights and patch-ups, and games, and school days, and b’day chocolates and ice creams, and had no care in the world…

We have grown up,

more mature,  more strong, more independent, and maybe more proud..

But somewhere between playing under the hot sun on a summer afternoon


working in AC on a summer afternoon.. we got lost in the maze of life…

We sure seemed to have earned a living, but lost the life …

But, still we remain positive, for there would be a moment one day

When we will play with a child and get to be that child again,

When we will make a fool of ourselves trying to learn those new dance moves,

When we will laugh our heart out over the silly break-up that once made us sad..

That one day, when all of the things will seem petty in front of our beautiful life journey…

That one day … 🙂




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