A Promise

I cry a lot, get fussy about food and don't speak with you at all. I do not understand your efforts, your struggle to keep me close...I know. But... I love it when I wake up in the middle of the night, shouting and crying, and you hold me close, and cradle me back to... Continue Reading →



The days, long and dragging. Sometimes dark, and sometimes harsh. Where am I? Why am I here? The question sits in the dark corner, staring at me. His legs folded, his chin on his knees, hands folded on his knees, and eyes continuously staring at me. Questioning as to what am I doing? I look... Continue Reading →


Alone and jolly? or with everyone and sad? You can never be sure. It is scary, it is confusing. You choose to be alone and jolly, and you fear about no-one being there for you later. You choose to be with everyone, just for the sake of it, for the fear of it, and you... Continue Reading →


I am all entangled in the mess of life. I have tried and tried, but nothing could get me out. The water running from my eyes is not ready to stop. How did I get in the mess, why did I get in the mess... I am nested in the web of life, and it... Continue Reading →


"I have been there", said the wind. "I have seen those alleys, those rooms. Some lavish enough to be enamored by, and some... forbidden. The smell, some people call fragrance, I have felt it. But it is not for me. I am born to be free. To flow, to grow, and then die gracefully with... Continue Reading →

Travel Diaries

He picked a brown dusty sketch book from the old wobbly table in the storage of his apartment. The cover, now almost black, was ripped at the upper corner. With nostalgia crowding his heart, he slowly opened the book. The once smooth and snow white pages of the book had now turned grainy and yellowish... Continue Reading →


He waited on an almost empty platform with a tag in his hand. It was 4 P.M. His blue eyes waiting for his companion, his soul mate. It was told to him, his friend was going to come back from the farm, his friend was to be the passenger on this train. Why did his... Continue Reading →


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