The days, long and dragging. Sometimes dark, and sometimes harsh. Where am I? Why am I here? The question sits in the dark corner, staring at me. His legs folded, his chin on his knees, hands folded on his knees, and eyes continuously staring at me. Questioning as to what am I doing? I look intently at him. Unable to process what is happening.

Am I here to Confess my sins? But who am I? Why do I not remember?

I see the question coming closer, and closer. My heartbeat raising with his each step towards me. What is happening? Why am I unable to move?

I am scared. I do not want to be scarred.

He is moving towards me, he is taking his final step towards me. I feel his hands raising to touch me.

I am scared. I don’t want to face this now. No. No. Noooo!!!!!

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Alone and jolly? or with everyone and sad?

You can never be sure.

It is scary, it is confusing.

You choose to be alone and jolly, and you fear about no-one being there for you later.

You choose to be with everyone, just for the sake of it, for the fear of it, and you will never be happy.

No matter what you choose, there will be ‘what-ifs’.

It is a constant struggle, a constant state of confusion. You just have to live with it.

That is Life.

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I am all entangled in the mess of life.

I have tried and tried, but nothing could get me out.

The water running from my eyes is not ready to stop.

How did I get in the mess, why did I get in the mess…

I am nested in the web of life, and it seems like I may never get out.

But I am hoping, I am desperately hoping for the light at the end of this tunnel,

The light that would get me out; out of this daze, out of this maze

…for I know, there has always been one.

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“I have been there”, said the wind.

“I have seen those alleys, those rooms.

Some lavish enough to be enamored by, and some… forbidden.

The smell, some people call fragrance, I have felt it.

But it is not for me.

I am born to be free.

To flow, to grow, and then die gracefully with time, still free.”

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Travel Diaries


He picked a brown dusty sketch book from the old wobbly table in the storage of his apartment. The cover, now almost black, was ripped at the upper corner. With nostalgia crowding his heart, he slowly opened the book. The once smooth and snow white pages of the book had now turned grainy and yellowish from years of sitting idle under the pile of old documents and bills. While ink at some places was smudged due to water, the pictures glued inside the book had started fading and coming loose, just like his old dreams.
He still remembered the day he first saw an advertisement of serene green Ocean and clear Blue sky of Bahamas. As a 7 year old, the colors fascinated him and the absence of city chaos made him crave the place. That was the moment that planted the seed of becoming a traveler in his mind; Bahamas was the first picture he glued into his new travel diary, and beside it he wrote ‘First stop of my Journey’. Whenever he would see any place he liked, he would search the pictures and paste it in his travel book. He watched the travel shows and always dreamed of visiting all those places.
As he grew, so did his willingness to travel. But as he grew so did his responsibilities. His inner child got caught in the middle of earning for a living and earning for his soul. The job he was doing gave him an amazing life. He could go to expensive restaurants, splurge on anything that he wanted. But the thing this job was unable to provide him was happiness and the satisfaction he always craved for. He always tried to engross himself into work, but the feeling of something missing in his life never left him. Whenever he saw a destination he once craved to visit, his heart would ache. The pain that he won’t be able to do the things he always dreamed of just grew. But as the time passed, the feeling of wishing to visit those places reached their threshold and then slowly faded away, leaving a deep dark hollow inside his heart.
Finding his diary had brought back all those memories and had started a whirlpool of emotions inside him. It reminded him how much he loved traveling, how much he loved exploring. He wanted to feel that again. He wanted to feel the adventure of going to an unknown place, he wanted to know the people, their cuisines, their dance forms, their art, their way of life, and he wanted to know everything he could that would fill his soul.
And then there was a sudden realization, although he could afford all the things he wanted, he actually never really wanted those. He would work and reach great heights, but his thirst for exploring the unknown would never be quenched. He would never be at peace, ever. So what was the point of all this? Working on the things he never liked and working for the life he never wanted. The thought of wasting his life brought an uneasy feeling into his heart, he felt helpless and suffocated. He can’t be doing this; he should not be doing this. Period.
It had been a month since that moment. He was today taking his first flight. His new life was just one decision away from him and the first stop of his journey was just one flight away. His travel diary was just about to begin.

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He waited on an almost empty platform with a tag in his hand. It was 4 P.M.

His blue eyes waiting for his companion, his soul mate.

It was told to him,

his friend was going to come back from the farm,

his friend was to be the passenger on this train.

Why did his friend go to a farm was something this 4 year old could never understand.

It has been a month…

His furry little friend was not on this train even today.

He does not want to come back, the farm must be pretty awesome. But maybe tomorrow he will.

He took his little feet back to his home.. wishing his friend will be back tomorrow.


Impression – In 6 Lines

He saw her clumsily climb down the stairs, unable to handle her dress and spilling the ice cream all over.

“Poor guy her husband, he will have to handle a lot of mess”, he thought while looking at her in a friend’s wedding.

8 months later his wedding woes read

“I am looking forward to our messy future and melting ice creams together.”

The only wedding he was more thankful for is the one he saw her in.

First Impressions are not always the last ones. 🙂